Joy in Making

I take perfectly fine fabrics, cut them up and sew them back together — hopefully in new and exciting ways. Sounds like madness, but it brings me joy. The combinations are limited only by my skill and imagination.

I love the tactile nature of fabric and thread. I find fabric more forgiving than paper. Through the years I have learned cotton’s secrets. We have developed a tacit understanding. Every seam I sew is integral to the overall design. A tortured seam is unsightly. It shouts it’s pain from across the room. Sometimes I see it too late. But if I catch it early enough, I go back and ease it’s pain.

It is a bit of a puzzle, and I like puzzles. How to make everything come together in a seemingly effortless way, each seam supporting the whole. And that is the challenge. I find joy in making.

“Butterfly Garden” 2016 detail

“Butterfly Garden” 2016 detail